E4TG TOEFL Speaking Strategies, Advice, Results

Why Choose E4TG?
Japan Average TOEFL® Speaking score: 15
Global Average TOEFL® Speaking score: 19
E4TG Average Top TOEFL® Speaking score: 23

Why do my students do so
much better on TOEFL®
Speaking than most Japanese?


I teach the same speaking strategies that native speakers use. No “templates”. We focus on skill development and speaking efficiency, so my students’ TOEFL® Speaking scores are relatively high and relatively stable.


As a phonologist, I have effective advice and techniques to help you improve your delivery. Fluency and intonation problems are easy to diagnose and train.

Class Environment

The small group classes are motivating, supportive, and encourage friendly competition.

If you have never lived abroad, your TOEFL® Speaking goal should be SP23. This is not difficult (3.0 x 6). You do not need to be perfect. If you have clear pronunciation and practice every day, you should reach this level in 3-6 months. It depends on your effort.

I have personally scored 30 using my own strategies every time I’ve taken TOEFL® iBT. If I can get SP30 (4.0 x 6) with these strategies, you should be able to get SP23 (3.0 x 4).

If one person can do it, anyone can do it! - Donald Miller